• 主演:Asaad Abdul Maje Alaa Najem Hattam Auda
  • 状态:
  • 导演:Oday,Rasheed
  • 类型:剧情
  • 简介:Qarantina is the story of a professional killer in Baghdad. He lives in an abandoned building with a displaced family, watching emotionless as they struggle. The father, Salih Abu Muhanad, takes out his frustration with a newly immoral society by blaming and abusing his unmarried, pregnant teenage daughter Meriam. Her stepmother Kerima and younger half-brother Muhanad strive each in their own way to escape the father's brutality. The assassin takes no action and merely watches the chaos. He starts his week with a contracted assassination, targeting a professor. In the same week, he continues to murder independently, while his clients get increasingly frustrated with him. In the end, each character's future unfolds as a direct result of their flaws or undertakings.Written by Anonymous